Bird-a-Day Challenge 2017

During the early parts of 2017 I’ll give the Bird-a-Day Challenge a go once again after taking 2016 off. This blog post from Audubon Magazine explains the challenge: Bird-A-Day Challenge Begins New Years Day 2012. I previously participated in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. My previous record is June 4th, which I reached in 2015 (at 154 days, beating my previous record by 10 days).

Technically June 4 is the date to beat but I’ve been out of birding for a while and this is more of a way to get back into it. So I doubt I’ll make it very far. One month at a time. 🙂 I sometimes post updates on my Bird-a-Day progress which you can follow on the blog.

19-MAR-17 Red-bellied Woodpecker home
18-MAR-17 Song Sparrow Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive
17-MAR-17 Blue Jay home
16-MAR-17 Fish Crow Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
15-MAR-17 Snowy Egret Gemini Springs
14-MAR-17 Sora Gemini Springs
13-MAR-17 Yellow-throated Warbler Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
12-MAR-17 Tricolored Heron Gemini Springs
11-MAR-17 Field Sparrow Gemini Springs
10-MAR-17 Cedar Waxwing Gemini Springs
09-MAR-17 Red-winged Blackbird Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
08-MAR-17 Black Vulture home
07-MAR-17 Orange-crowned Warbler Gemini Springs
06-MAR-17 Northern Parula home
05-MAR-17 Eurasian Collared Dove Orlando
04-MAR-17 Palm Warbler Konomac Lake
03-MAR-17 Hermit Thrush Green Springs
02-MAR-17 Barred Owl Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
01-MAR-17 Purple Martin Audubon Park
28-FEB-17 Belted Kingfisher I-4 flyover Seminole Co.
27-FEB-17 Roseate Spoonbill Circle B Bar Reserve
26-FEB-17 Double-crested Cormorant WDW
25-FEB-17 Limpkin Boardwalk @ WDW
24-FEB-17 House Sparrow Hollywood Studios @ WDW
23-FEB-17 Wood Duck Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
22-FEB-17 White Ibis home
21-FEB-17 Wilson’s Snipe Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
20-FEB-17 Great Egret Deltona bike path spur
19-FEB-17 American Crow Mom & Dad’s house
18-FEB-17 Sandhill Crane Gemini Springs
17-FEB-17 White-eyed Vireo home
16-FEB-17 Brown Thrasher Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
15-FEB-17 Glossy Ibis Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
14-FEB-17 American Kestrel Deltona bike path spur
13-FEB-17 Painted Bunting Gemini Springs
12-FEB-17 American Robin Spring-to-spring Trail
11-FEB-17 Forster’s Tern Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
10-FEB-17 Mottled Duck Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
09-FEB-17 Lesser Scaup Seminole Towne Center pond
08-FEB-17 Wild Turkey home
07-FEB-17 Brant Canaveral National Seashore
06-FEB-17 Lesser Yellowlegs Konomac Lake
05-FEB-17 Bonaparte’s Gull Ponce Inlet
04-FEB-17 Pied-billed Grebe Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
03-FEB-17 American White Pelican Canaveral National Seashore
02-FEB-17 House Wren Polynesian @ WDW
01-FEB-17 American Goldfinch Mom & Dad’s house
31-JAN-17 White-winged Dove Dewey Boster Park
30-JAN-17 Eastern Phoebe Spring-to-spring Trail
29-JAN-17 Caspian Tern Gemini Springs
28-JAN-17 Mallard Epcot
27-JAN-17 Chipping Sparrow River City Nature Park
26-JAN-17 Bufflehead Seminole Towne Center pond
25-JAN-17 Tree Swallow home
24-JAN-17 Greater Yellowlegs Konomac Lake
23-JAN-17 Carolina Chickadee East Central Regional Rail Trail
22-JAN-17 Ovenbird Gemini Springs
21-JAN-17 Grey Catbird Audubon Park
20-JAN-17 White-throated Sparrow Gemini Springs
19-JAN-17 Ring-billed Gull Seminole Towne Center pond
18-JAN-17 Yellow-rumped Warbler Gemini Springs
17-JAN-17 Red-headed Woodpecker Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
16-JAN-17 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Gemini Springs
15-JAN-17 Green Heron Gemini Springs
14-JAN-17 Bald Eagle home
13-JAN-17 Wood Stork Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
12-JAN-17 Ring-necked Duck Seminole Towne Center pond
11-JAN-17 Pileated Woodpecker home
10-JAN-17 Hooded Merganser Konomac Lake
09-JAN-17 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Gemini Springs
08-JAN-17 American Bittern Gemini Springs
07-JAN-17 Red-tailed Hawk Boardwalk @ WDW
06-JAN-17 Northern Harrier Gemini Springs
05-JAN-17 Common Grackle ESPN @ WDW
04-JAN-17 Red-shouldered Hawk home
03-JAN-17 Laughing Gull Port of Tampa
02-JAN-17 Brown Booby Gulf of Mexico
01-JAN-17 Yellow-faced Grassquit Cozumel
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