Bird-friendly volleyball net?

We were kind of surprised to see this volleyball net left up at Nippersink Forest Preserve. Earlier this year I read about an owl getting caught in a soccer net on the Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation blog: Owls don’t play soccer.

Volleyball Net

Could the yellow edging on this net make it more visible to birds? The holes here are pretty large but I wonder if this is a bird-friendly net. Anyone know?

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  1. Amy,

    Glad to see that you are reading our blog! Since an owl could still fit between the defined yellow space, I would think that even this net presents a hazard to birds – especially to Great Horned Owls. The safest thing is to take volleyball, badminton and soccer nets down at night which can be accomplished by laying them flat on the ground.

    Thanks for helping bring attention to this bird hazard.

    Dawn Keller
    Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation

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