Citrus Finches

A few weeks ago the first Baltimore Oriole sightings were reported locally on IBET. When I read the first report, I put a few orange halves out in the back yard. Orioles (and others) nommed our oranges a few days last spring, and I have been hoping we will be lucky again. So far, no joy. Meanwhile, the oranges are not going to waste.


I noticed a male bird feeding orange to what I first presumed to be a female finch.

Feed me orange!

Feed me!

This is actually a juvenile begging.

See the White-crowned Sparrow in the video, to the left side? He was really interested in the orange, and when the finches moved on he quickly went to check it out.

I think the verdict was “this is not food.”

The oranges even managed to attract a Red-bellied Woodpecker, who shunned the available suet for some citrus delight — although he may be snacking on ants attracted by the fruit.

Do you put oranges out for your yard birds? Do other birds enjoy them too?

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