Dutch Safety Authority: More Dead Bird Reports

In recent days, Dutch citizens have been more likely to report sightings of dead ducks, geese and other birds. That is according to a statement made by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA) on Wednesday. The media attention on the bird flu virus has made people more alert.

Since the discovery of the H5N1 virus in European countries, including Italy and Greece, dozens of dead bird reports have been called in each day in the Netherlands, according to the inspection division of the interior cabinet (AID). Back in January, the number of reports was about one per week.

Last fall the AID opened a hotline (045-546-6230) which people can use to call in dead bird reports. The dead birds are picked up by the VWA and are tested for the flu virus if necessary. So far the virus has not been found in any birds in the Netherlands.

Source: VWA: meer meldingen dode vogels

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