Good luck, oriole!

Yesterday Arthur and I were privileged to be able to release an adult male Baltimore Oriole. The bird was in treatment with Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation for about ten days after suffering a head trauma. The release was done, with permission, at a Lake County Forest Preserve.

Baltimore Oriole release 1

A shoe box was used to transport the oriole to the release site. After the lid was lifted, the bird hesitated for only a very brief moment before flying up into a low tree. He spent some time flitting around a small group of trees before finally flying high into a tree far away from us, where we lost sight of him.

Baltimore Oriole release 4

Baltimore Oriole release 2

Baltimore Oriole release 5

This was our first release and it was awesome. It was so wonderful to watch this now-healthy bird flying away, adjusting to his surroundings, and taking off to live the rest of his life. Good luck, oriole!

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation posted these photos on their Facebook page. If you’re on Facebook, why not become a fan of Flint Creek? You can also visit the FCWR website to learn more about their amazing work and, oh yeah, make a donation. 🙂

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