Grant Woods outing

This morning we went out birding at Grant Woods. It was the second time we visited the preserve. The walk was sponsored by Lake Cook Audubon and Lake County Forest Preserve District and was lead by Ken Klick. Our group was made up of about 30 birders from all levels of experience.

Arthur and I counted 23 observed species although I am sure others in the group got more. Several even saw a Ruby-throated Hummingbird – which we have yet to see this year, drat! I wonder if anyone has ever named a hummer their nemesis bird?!

Grant Woods is a huge preserve with two main sections of about 500 acres separated by a thin strip of land. We walked the north part of the park. Habitats include prairie, woodland forest and marsh. Here is a path we passed by during our walk.

Grant Woods

It sure looks lovely, doesn’t it? We’ll have to take it next time!

We saw a lot of Indigo Buntings on this walk, including this guy, singing his heart out.

Indigo Bunting Singing

Other highlights were a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher on a nest, fussing and singing, and really good looks at a Blue-winged Warbler and a Golden-winged Warbler (much better than the below photo would have you think).

Golden-winged Warbler

It was another fun bird outing – and the resulting warbler neck wasn’t too bad, either!

Warbler Neck

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