Hungry, squirmy and precious

On the last day of our internship, during the lunch break Dawn had to feed some baby squirrels. I got a chance to feed one of the older babies.

It is important to note that this was done under strict supervision of a licensed wild animal rehabilitator. Untrained members of the public should NEVER EVER (even if you think you can!) feed a baby squirrel – or any other wild animal. If you are a friend to animals, the right thing to do when you find a wild animal in trouble is to get in touch with a licensed rehabber.

Okay, on to the photos!

During feeding time, the squirrels are taken from the incubator and placed in a shoebox for transport.

First Dawn fed the younger babies.

Then I got to feed an older girl. She was hungry, squirmy and precious. I enjoyed every moment!

Many thanks to my classmate Lee for taking the photos of me feeding the squirrel!

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