Lost Birds

I’ll admit I’m pretty addicted to Lost. I’ve seen all of the episodes as they first aired (or as close to as I could while living abroad), I’m enjoying this last season and my husband and I even started re-watching the first five seasons a month ago. There are a couple of teeny tiny mild spoilers ahead (for episodes of Lost that have already aired), so be warned.

While looking through the fanatically comprehensive Lostpedia a few weeks ago, I came across the article on Birds. We had just re-watched the first season episode “Special“, where Walt is reading about Australian birds, so I already kind of had birds & Lost on my mind.

But birds appear in almost every episode of Lost; during the Island scenes there are usually bird sounds in the background, most often peafowl but also loons or doves. The Common Peafowl is an introduced species in Hawaii (where Lost is filmed).

If you watch the show you know that the Island gets around, so hearing such diverse species is not far-fetched. While improbable bird song is unfortunately common in popular culture, the makers of Lost could actually use sounds from any species of bird and they would work within the storyline of the show.

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