My visitors came from *where* in February 2011?!?!?

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during February 2011. This is part of an ongoing monthly series on blog search terms.

There were fewer typos than usual last month. In fact, only one really made me chuckle: starfed rock eagles. Think they were looking for Starved Rock Eagles.

While there were fewer typos of note, there was a plethora of searches related to this blog’s namesake bird that I hadn’t seen before. Are Magnificent Frigatebirds becoming popular? And why haven’t I written that long-overdue post about why this blog is named as it is? The search terms that stood out last month: magnificent frigate bird collectiven noun; Why is the frigatebird considered good luck; frigate bird collection; why are frigate birds endangered; great hawaiian frigate bird stuffed animal; how to help endangered frigate birds; and longest migrating frigate bird.

Head-scratcher of the month: birds of florida nicknamed aw aw. Does anyone know to what bird this might be referring?

Disturbing searches of the month: spoonbill pet (again with wild birds as pets?! Come on, people!) and squirrel in thong.

I did have a few favorite searches for the month. First, someone probably searching for the Ruby-crowned Kinglet typed in the query full name of bird called ruby crown? Next, I wonder what the searcher who typed in giant wood duck call was really looking for. Probably not the Wood Duck Clock they found on this site. Oh, well. Finally, someone searched for bandermen, which kind of sounds like a roving gang of bird-banding superheroes. Sign me up!

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