My visitors came from *where* in July?!

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during July. You can see previous editions of this monthly post here.

Typos and spelling mistakes were plentiful (and sometimes hilarious) in the search results last month: long sleave t shirts from hawaii; bird siloutte designs; scoreched yard; bondige pictures; pictures of styalized owls; tinest birds of ma; srarrow resisence blue bird house; and images of western oriale nests.

I’ve got my birder gift shop under the same statcounter account as the blog so of course I’m very interested in search results having to do with t-shirts or novelties. However, I don’t think I’ll be offering any anti-pigeon shirt or underwear picture of turkey soon. I think falonry beer steins (another typo!) sounds like a good idea though. And I think I need to come up with a design for the sexy birder, too.

Searches related to the name of this website were magnificent frigate bird sanctuary, frigate bird good luck (works for me), magnificent frigate bird skeletal structure, giant frigate bird image and magnificent photography!!!!! (which they’re not really going to find here, haha).

Pigeons keep bringing in the visitors too, although as usual most searches are anti-pigeon (like the shirt search mentioned above). Others last month were anti pigeon feeder, how to stop pigeons feeding from under bird feeder, and the less negative-sounding a dictionary of pigeons in indiana.

Finally, I think someone made a big discovery they need to share with the world: unknown large birds of the raptor family.

Share the birds, share the love!
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