My visitors came from *where* in March?!

Here are some of the more interesting search terms that brought visitors to this site during March. This follows the recaps done in January and February.

  • endangerbirds Sounds like a band of superheroes.
  • pigeon fanciers in the carrribean I am so going to make a t-shirt based on this search!
  • I’m also going to have to offer a prairie chicken hat in the shop based on this search term.
  • The person that searched for pillow pillow pillow birdy was surely looking for this site, but ended up here instead.
  • At least three different people (from 3 different countries!) searched for butts foto. Today I’m #1 on Google for this search. w00t? Meanwhile, someone in Italy searched for poop foto. Conclusion: write more poop- and butt-themed posts to increase traffic.
  • dog pishers and adult pishing also brought readers to the site. I’ll be looking for fish pishing next month.
  • A couple of fun typos came up: birds are magnicent and www.billed a bear work
  • Pigeons were big too, with hits from searches for greatest pigeon of the world, endangered t-shirt squirrel pigeon, and pigeons eating rice.
  • Share the birds, share the love!
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