My visitors came from *where* in November 2011?!?!?

Here are my favorite search terms that brought visitors to this site during November 2011. This is part of an ongoing monthly series on blog search terms.

Last month there were a bunch of search terms that just made me laugh out loud.

* owls with mohawks – really!?
* shirts about having a lisp – I don’t have any, but maybe I should design some?
* gift ideas for women who like to sleep – another niche I have yet to explore.
* thermal spaghetti tank – contradictory much?
* pigeon in prison – for public defecation? stealing bread? loitering?
* who was poor sam peabody – hopefully the searcher got his/her answer!
* owl drawings for kids that are colored – is that the best way to phrase your search?

One day I found the term florida small birds in my stats; the next day a different person searched for big birds of florida. Another day, another user: bird size comparison chart. Conclusion: focus more on bird size in future posts.

I love that someone searched for what are the official colors of bird banding and what are the official symbol of bird banding. Oh, I wish there was an answer for that! Think of all the shirts I could design! 😉

To the person searching for funny birding outfits – wrong site, buddy!

I wonder if an egyptian griffin hummingbird would be cute?

Most intriguing search term of the month: wesley the owl movie

Funniest search result: whoever searched for ivory-billed woodpecker graph of extinction somehow ended up here!

Finally, to the person searching is annual bald eagle watch at starved rock fun?: YES, it is. When you go, be sure to look for juvenile eagles wearing bling!

Share the birds, share the love!
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