My visitors came from *where* in October 2011?!?!?

Here are my favorite search terms that brought visitors to this site during October 2011. This is part of an ongoing monthly series on blog search terms.

Wondering what is bird poop made of? Fertilizer! No, not really. Next!

To the person searching for golden eagle for pet: STOP IT.

A tip for the people searching for birds with long tail feathers, juvenile herons of florida pictures, what does a steller jays egg look like, biological drawing of a fly, and red bellied woodpecker range map: try a straight-up image search next time! Easy peasy.

To those searching these gems, I hope you found what you were looking for, cuz I know you didn’t find it here: how bodies were impaled and bird organs penguin (ew).

In the category of oddly specific: Oct 18, 2011 saw summer tanager in central florida!; pink flamingo at Lincoln park zoo (in a enclosure); a bird sleeping with one eye open; L DON’T DISPLAY MY FARM ANIMALS IN DIORAMA; a kenyan swarm of crows and a belgian swarm of crows; and (Netherlands) and (Grebe).

And oddly vague: birdwatcher shirt i have seen.

Several searches for unknown birds came by: little bird with long beak in north carolina (lots of shorebirds are possible?); migratory yellow bird florida October (many possibilities); SMALL BIRDS THAT LIVE IN ALABAMA (ditto); cute birds in south texas (ditto again); and two different backyard doves central fl (not ambitious enough… there’s at least three).

These made me homesick: rollins savannah temperature differences; chicago field museum diorama; and prairie world forest preserve lake county.

And finally, my two favorite searches of the month: the wishful-thinking cardinal bird killing a wild cat brings an interesting image to mind; and animals not caring sums things up quite nicely, don’t you think?

Share the birds, share the love!
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