No Exemption From Fauna Law: Leiden vs. Gulls

The government of Leiden will not seek an exemption to the flora-and-fauna act in order to alleviate the gull ‘problem’ the city faces. Political party CDA had pushed for such action earlier this month.

The municipality is in agreement with CDA that the situation with gulls in Leiden is a problem that needs a solution. The city will seek advice from other communities which have solved gull problems. Leiden has also been in contact with a Scottish research team looking into gull-problems. City garbage clean up has also been more stringent in an attempt to rid the city of the annoying birds.

Besides depriving Leiden residents of peace and quiet, the CDA also theorized that the gulls endanger road traffic by attacking drivers. However, behavioral research of gulls has so far not found them to be intentionally aggressive towards humans without being provoked first.

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Source: Gemeente doet niets aan meeuwenoverlast

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