Rare Birds Stolen From Dutch Raptor Center

Last week six rare birds were stolen from the Stonehenge Wildlife raptor center in Schoonrewoerd, the Netherlands. The birds, five Palm-nut Vultures and one Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, were extremely valuable.

The theft was discovered last Wednesday; the police were informed on Thursday. The culprits broke into the center by forcing a door. Cages were broken open to snatch the birds.

Stonehenge Wildlife has been open since July, but part of the complex is still under construction. According to the group, the thieves were experienced with the bird market. They did not take the most valuable birds from the complex; rather the stolen birds were not protected under Cites, an international agreement to reduce trade in certain threatened birds. They will be easier to resell.

Source: Zeldzame roofvogels gestolen

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