Reminder: keep your feeders clean

Following the recent recall of a type of Wild Birds Unlimited bird food due to possible salmonella contamination, there has been some talk on the Wisconsin Birding Network regarding feeder sanitation in general. Here are some of the tips that were posted.

  • Keep two sets of feeders. While one is being cleaned or drying, the other set can remain in use.
  • Leave empty, drying feeders in direct sunlight (and away from birds) to help destroy microbes.
  • Vaccuum up unused seed hulls and husks with your leaf blower.
  • Birds that feed on the ground may not be able to keep up with spilled seed from hanging feeders. Don’t put out more seed than your birds will be able to eat without leaving a mess.
  • Choose the right mixes for the birds that are visiting your feeders to avoid waste. Here is some great advice Birdchick posted a while back on the subject.
  • Keep an eye on the general health of the birds visiting your feeding station so you will notice if something is amiss (ie your birds are ill and/or spreading disease).

    It’s important to remember that for the sake of your birds, feeders should be cleaned on a regular basis.

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