Scene-stealing gulls at Niagara Falls

Gulls were plentiful at Niagara Falls. I saw both Herring and Ring-billed. I’m no gull hero so I certainly could have missed other species.

This Ring-billed Gull drew a small crowd of photographers as it posed in front of the Falls on the Canadian side.

Rainbow & Ring-billed Gull

I couldn’t resist a shot, myself. I suppose I ‘should have’ gotten the Falls in the shot too, but I was only thinking about this one-legged beauty.

One-legged Gull
Gulls lined the rocky walls of the Niagara River. Part of the state park on the American side was closed off for breeding gulls.

Roosting Gulls

These high-adrenaline gulls actually bathed in the Niagara River, not too far from the falls. Now that’s some fresh water!

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