Hundred Orphan Swans In Netherlands

About a hundred confiscated Mute Swans (cygnus olor), intended to be slaughtered, are in need of a new home in the Netherlands. The birds, which were being kept illegally, were confiscated at the end of 2004 from their owner in Utrecht.

The mute swan, knobbelzwaan in Dutch, is a protected species.

Because temporary care for the birds is expensive, the Dutch minister for agriculture & nature (LNV) has asked the animal rights group Dierenbescherming to help find new adoptive owners for the swans. The swans can no longer fly. Suggested new homes for the swans include petting zoos.

Despite being a protected species, there are two swan farms in the Netherlands, where hundreds of swans are fattened for their flesh and feathers. When the birds reach three years of age they are mature enough for slaughter. Swans can live up to 25 years.

Swan products are especially popular in France and Germany. The captive swans are normally kept outside, unable to fly with clipped wings.

Source: Zwanen zoeken nieuw thuis

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