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My name is Amy and I’m a birder living in central Florida with my husband Arthur. I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. I was lucky enough to live in Arthur’s native country, the Netherlands, for about ten years. We spent a lot of that time traveling — birding and scuba diving were among our favorite things to do.

Before moving to Florida in mid-2011, we lived in the Chicagoland area, close to where I grew up, for nearly three years. While in northern Illinois I became involved with a fantastic local birding club and volunteered with a great wildlife rehabilitation center and at a MAPS breeding bird banding station. While I grew up with a love for nature and had started more seriously birding while living in the Netherlands, my love for birds really flourished during this time in Illinois.

Cinnamon the Red-tailed Hawk and me at ACBOP, February 2015

Nowadays I volunteer at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. There are a lot of bird clubs close to where we live (three in Volusia County alone!); lately I attend walks and meetings infrequently. I took some time off of birding during much of 2016. I’m trying to get back into a birding mindset so you’ll mostly find me birding at my local patch, Gemini Springs, at least once a week. My latest interest is green birding, and adding new birds to my green year list is one of my favorite things to do these days.

Trouble the Bald Eagle and me at ACBOP, March 2016

On this blog I write about my own birding experiences. My blog was formerly known as MagnificentFrigatebird.com, which still exists today as a product review blog as well as the home to my online gift shop for birders. I have a Zazzle-powered shop for birders at BirderGifts.com as well.

I’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave comments here or on any posting. You can also send me an email. Thanks for stopping by!

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