Belgian Bird Group: Feeding Birds Doesn’t Disturb Natural Behavior

There is nothing wrong with providing food to migrating birds who are temporarily residing in the lowlands, according to a press release from the Royal Belgian Group for the Protection of Birds on Thursday. If the right type of food is provided, it can even save the birds. Extra, human-provided fodder does not insure that the birds will stop their natural migration.

The group did, however, caution that overfeeding of birds should be avoided, because wild birds will seek a balance in food sources. Several studies have indicated that birds prefer to find their food naturally, if the circumstances are favorable. Providing food in the winter time temporarily improves the birds? food situation in time when finding food naturally is more difficult, for example when it is freezing or natural food sources are covered in snow. Seeking food naturally in these circumstances is more difficult for the birds and thus will save the animals energy if people provide them with food.

Source: Vogels voederen verstoort het migratie-evenwicht niet

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