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Bird Plunges Into Pool; Swimmers Evacuated

“Hundreds of panicked swimmers were evacuated from a Hong Kong swimming pool when a bird flew into the water, a news report said (Sunday). The incident at the indoor pool in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district Saturday was an indication of the level of fear over avian flu in the city of 6.8 million.” Read the story Swimmers in flight as bird hits water in HK in Gulf Times.

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New Bird Species Found In Indonesian “Lost World”

A previously undiscovered area high in the Indonesian mountains has revealed dozens of species of birds, butterflies, frogs and plants previously unknown to science.

An international group of 25 scientists studied the area in December 2005. A species of honeyeater bird, with a bright orange wattle, was among the new species discovered.

The team also captured the first photographs of two other previously known species: the Berlepsch’s Six-Wired Bird of Paradise, and the Golden-fronted Bowerbird.

“Lost world” found in Indonesian jungle
New Guinea “lost world” revealed
‘Lost world’ found in jungle

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India Bird Sanctuary: Rickshaw Drivers Trained As Guides

Over 300 species of birds can be found in the Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur, India. As no motorized transport is allowed in the park, tourists who don’t wish to walk or cycle themselves can opt for a cycle rickshaw.

The 122 cycle rickshaw drivers from the rural surroundings of Bharatpur received a three-month training on bird identification from the World Wildlife Fund, making them not only tranport providers but valuable guides. Read one rickshaw driver’s story in Ranjana Narayan’s article for New Kerala, A bird view of a Bharatpur cycle rickshaw driver.

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Siberian Cranes Shun Indian Sanctuary For China

The endangered Siberian Crane, whose population has been dwindling since 1971, traditionally migrates from its Russian summer home to warmer climes in the winter months. This season, Siberian Cranes have failed to arrive at the Keoladeo Bird Sanctuary in Bharatpur, India for the third straight year. Two hundred cranes wintered in Bharatpur as recently as 1964. The birds now prefer Chinese wetlands for their winter home. A map by BirdLife International shows the winter and summer habitats of these endangered birds, which live in two recognized colonies.

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