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Red Knot Proposed Addition To Endangered Species Protection

The United States Fish and Wildlife Service has identified the migratory Red Knot as a candidate for protection under the Endangered Species Act. The proposal was initiated by a petition submitted by the Northeast Pennsylvania Audubon Society in 2004. The proposal is currently deferred while the Service works on other species which are at greater risk. Read more about the Red Knot proposal in Migratory bird named candidate for Endangered Species Act protection.

Red Knot
Red Knot by U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region, Creative Commons on Flickr

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New Bird Species Discovered In Columbia

A colorful bird, previously unknown to science, has been discovered in a remote part of the Andean rainforest. The Yariguies brush-finch was named after a local tribe that used to live in the area where the bird was discovered. The bird has bright yellow coloring with a vibrant red crown. Read more in the article Colorful New Bird Found in Colombia.

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Scottish Wind-Farm Plan Cancelled To Safeguard Raptors

“A wind-farm proposal has been abandoned because the area where it was to be built is used by golden eagles and red kites. The decision followed analysis of bird-survey data gathered over several years, and consultation with local RSPB officers, which showed that the 30Mw wind farm would pose a significant risk to the birds.” Read the full story in the Scotsman.

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Little Egret, Once Nearly Extinct, Breeds In London

Four Little Egret chicks have hatched and fledged in London for the first time. The bird was hunted virtually to extinction but has successfully bred in the Thames Water’s Walthamstow reservoirs. The species is only known to have begun breeding in the UK in the mid-1990’s. Experts believe that the move to northern nesting sites by the Little Egret could be a sign of climate change. Read the full story Once virtually extinct heron returns to breed in London.

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World Bird Festival 2006

The world’s biggest birding event will take place 7-8 October. It is Birdwatch weekend, which kicks off a month-long celebration during BirdLife International’s World Bird Festival. The worldwide festival includes participation by 32 European countries. In 2005 more than 40,000 European participants were involved in 1,427 events where over three million birds were observed. Dutch Birdlife International, Vogelbescherming, is organizing a few events in the Netherlands. You can read more about it here. To find out more about the World Bird Festival, click here.

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Petition For Polish Wildlife

A proposed new road in Poland threatens wildlife and habitats which are protected under European law. Over 150,000 Poles have already signed a petition against the construction, but now the Polish version of BirdLife International invites concerned citizens in cyberspace to help the cause with their online petition. Read more about the cause here, and click here to sign the petition.

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London Mayor Defends Pigeon Policy

“London Mayor Ken Livingstone defended his policy of slashing the numbers of pigeons in Trafalgar Square, amid a flap over the cost of keeping the famous tourist landmark bird-free. Feathers were also flying among animal rights activists after it emerged that two hawks deployed in the square, intended to scare off pigeons, were in fact killing them.” Read the full story at Yahoo News.

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Ivory-bill Sightings In Florida?

This week researchers from Auburn University and the University of Windsor revealed there were 14 Ivory-bill Woodpecker sightings in the Florida panhandle between May 2005 and May 2006. No photos were captured, however. Read the full story at Birdlife International. For views on both sides of the issue I recommend this skeptic’s blog and this believer’s blog. Above all I highly recommend the Ivory-billed Woodpecker t-shirts and paraphernalia available from

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UK Tracking Buzzard Migration

A pair of young honey buzzards have been fitted with transmitters so conservationists can track their migration. The birds breed in the UK and winter in Africa and Asia. The birds left their summer homes in the Scottish Highlands on 7 September.

The progress of the birds can be followed on the internet via and Read the full article Buzzards tracked on journey south at the BBC.

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EPA Bans Pesticide Responsible For Millions Of Bird Deaths

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has banned most uses of the chemical pesticide carbofuran, which is produced by FMC Corporation under the brand name Furadan. The American Bird Conservancy notes that the chemical is responsible for millions of wild bird deaths since it was introduced in 1967. Read the full story Pesticide ban from EPA follows millions of bird deaths in the El Defensor Chieftain.

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