Flint Creek GHOW release

Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation released a rehabilitated Great Horned Owl at a public event in Winnetka, Illinois on Saturday, November 20th. I handled Justice, a GHOW in Flint Creek’s education program, as the program began. Then fellow volunteer Kim took Justice and spoke to the crowd, which included a lot of kids.

Amy and Justice

Kim and Justice

After the program, it was time for the rehabilitated GHOW (nicknamed Winnetka) to be released. Although released facing some nearby trees, the bird turned and flew over the crowd, which was a thrill for everyone.

Some press photographers and reporters were there and the story or photos were published online in a few places:

I’m thankful for a lot of things in my life, including family, friends, health and happiness. I’m thankful I found Flint Creek Wildlife this year and that I’m able to help in my own small way. I’m thankful that Winnetka is flying free today. Happy Thanksgiving, readers and fellow bird lovers.

Amy and Justice

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