Holland’s White-Tailed Eagle Fledges!

Forest rangers from the Oostvaardersplassen in the Netherlands have announced that the White-Tailed Eagle hatched in May has successfully fledged last Thursday.

The fledge occurred at about 3pm on Thursday. The White-Tailed Eagle is the largest bird of prey in Europe. When it was announced earlier this year that a pair of White-Tailed Eagles was nest-sitting in the Oostvaardersplassen, rangers took steps to insure that the birds would not be disturbed by the public. In the park visitor center there is a six-minute video of the eagles available for public viewing.

After this year’s successful nest, there is a great chance that more White-Tailed Eagles will breed in the same area. The birds, who prefer large open watery areas, live in their breeding area year-round and re-use nests for many years.

Dutch White-Tailed Eagle Ready To Fledge
White-Tailed Eagle Nest Attracts Dutch Birders
White-Tailed Eagle Returns To The Netherlands

Source: Jonge zeearend verlaat nest

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