Meepy fix

Today I helped out at an event at the Wild Bird Center in Fox River Grove. Flint Creek brought six education birds and I was one of the volunteer handlers for the informal program. This was my second program and I had a lot of fun but I get very shy and nervous in front of crowds (no matter how large or small) so I’m not a star with the ‘education’ part – yet. Hopefully I will get better with some experience.

At the program were Meepy, Kotori, Old Red, Darwin, Pip, and Zen. I love them all but it’s no secret Meepy is my favorite, and it was about time I got my Meepy fix. I hadn’t seen her for almost three weeks!

Meepy the Barred Owl

Arthur drove out with me and my parents also stopped by; this was the first time any of them saw me holding a bird.

It was a great afternoon and I’m really looking forward to future programs!

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