My visitors came from *where* in February 2013?!?!

Here are the highs and lows found in last month’s Statcounter logs for this site…

I’m not the only one wondering about pellets possibly produced by ibises as there were searches for ibis producing pellets, ibis bird coughing up green pellets, and can an ibis produce a pellet. By the way, Cornell’s Birds of North America Online is great for finding answers to these questions. 🙂

I’m glad this search brought someone to my site, but I do wish more people would use eBird to answer questions like where was the green-tailed towhee found in tampa florida dec 31, 2011. (Here’s a hint)

Oh, another one for eBird! I wonder in what season yellow rumped warbler brevard florida? (Big hint)

Cute, sad, strange, and funny typos and silly searches: longheaded shrike; loggerhead shriker; migration patter; my favarite bird; atarve rock eagles; srarved rock eagle watch; and straved rock eagle.

I wish I could help folks trying to identify birds. Visitors came via searches for yellow birds northern illinois (not a whole lot besides warblers), yellow birds at animal kingdom (shouldn’t be too hard to ID these), animal kingdom at disney bird with green plumage (ditto), midwestern bird look like hawk short beaked (It looked like a hawk? Well it probably was a hawk, silly!), bird like a eagle (huh?), and cute tire birds (HUH?).

More HUH? searches: +plumbing color spoon-billed sandpiper; disturbed birds; and my baby was crying and I hear a barred owl after. Whoa.

Finally, what a nice thing to see in my search statistics: vulture activities for kids. Oh, I hope they found what they were looking for!

Previous posts in this semi-annual monthly series are here: search terms.

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