Pigeons Saved From Fiery Death

A short circuit caused a four-alarm fire in the Belgian town of Lovendegem Monday night. The fire began in an unoccupied garden shed. But next to the shed stood a pigeon house. Fortunately, the pigeons were saved.

According to the homeowner, “We were sitting at the table when our youngest son came to tell us that smoke was coming from our shed. At first we did not believe him.” The child persisted and the homeowners finally saw the smoke for themselves.

The family tried to put out the fire themselves by beating the flames. There were two garden hoses in the yard, but one was too short and the other was completely frozen.

Meanwhile, some flames reached the trees and shrubs around the shed. The fire threatened the nearby pigeon keep, where the innocent birds sat behind locked doors.

The homeowners continued their effort, trying to keep the flames from reaching the pigeons. Neighbors informed the fire department, who arrived with four fire trucks. Two police cars were also at the scene.

The fire department got the fire under control and the pigeons were saved. Unfortunately, the family lost all of their garden furniture and some other personal belongings.

Source: Duiven gered van vuurdood

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