Two days at NASA

Today Space Shuttle Atlantis landed safely at Kennedy Space Center after an 11-day mission to the ISS. Here are a few photos I took back on Sunday, 15 November and again on Monday, 16 November when we spent most of each day at KSC and viewed the launch.

There’s more to see on the grounds besides the technological wonders.




Palm Tree

At the observation gantry, the grackle-racket was impossible to ignore.

Gantry Grackles

Gantry Grackle

Gantry Grackles

Atlantis was also hard to ignore. This was taken about 30 hours before launch.


While waiting to board the bus at the Apollo-Saturn V Center I spotted this Osprey.



Monday morning we arrived at KSC bright and early. Cloud cover looked bad but the signage was promising.


The skies clear up just in time. Our scope was great for viewing the launch. Photos below were taken right before lift-off and shortly after.



Seconds After

No photos of the launch itself; I was watching it. I could never take any photos or video as fine as what NASA makes publicly available, anyway.

It was awesome to watch the launch. So glad we didn’t go bust, honey!


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2 Responses to Two days at NASA

  1. Nicole says:

    Oh what a great time you must have had!
    I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Love the animal shots too.
    Ospreys are so amazing.
    And the Grackles look cool 😀

  2. Was that turtle trying to fly????
    We went to the Cape back when I was a kid…all I remember is the HUGE hanger where one of the space shuttles was being stored and the GATORS along all the canals. 🙂

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