U.S. Navy Proposes Airfield By Wildlife Refuge

Record numbers of ducks and geese have been spotted at Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina this winter. The U.S. Navy wants to build a landing field nearby, a plan opposed by naturalists.

The lakes are located about 5 miles from the site that the Navy wants to use for the landing strip. Environmentalists believe the proximity of the landing strip to the Refuge will harm wildlife and increase potential for collisions between aircraft and birds.

Read more about the proposed airfield.

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One Response to U.S. Navy Proposes Airfield By Wildlife Refuge

  1. Jennifer says:

    What is actually at stake is so much more then the papers have printed.

    These 100,000 plus birds are under an International Treaty, which the US Navy is willing to ignore by destroying these birds using “lethal” means. John Lawson first recorded the birds in the Albemarle region in 1706. Thousands of these birds use the surrounding farmers fields to feed. The Navy wants to confiscate fifty square miles of some of the world’s best black farmland on the east coast in order to control the crops and the food. Starvation….

    The No-OLF needs everyone’s help to stop the landing strip. A landing strip stated in the Navy’s own documents is unnecessary.

    People of America help us stop this destruction of one of the last pristine regions still in existence on the east coast. Currently, this IS the biggest environmental issue and military land grabs facing the people of our nation.

    We are not wacko environmentalists we are citizens who love our farmland, environment and rural communities and want to stop them from being bulldozed off the face of the earth. It is because we are few in numbers the military has been able to run roughshod over our lives for over five years.

    Learn more and help a small magnificent rural community save an American treasure. A treasure that also consists of six thousand year old cypress trees and places where wildlife still roams freely.

    One of our goals is it to tell our story to the people of the nation/world. If anyone out there has the means to help make this happen please contact us.

    We truly believe that if Americans understood what was happening to their fellow citizens they would not stand by and allow this horror to continue.

    For more information:

    Thank you for your time and God bless our America.

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