2017 eBird Challenges

I’m going to try to keep up with the 2017 eBird Challenges each month. I’ll keep track on this page. Read all the latest from eBird here: eBird Latest News.

2017 | JAN | FEB | MAR | APR | MAY

The May eBirder of the Month Challenge will be drawn from eBirders who submit 3 or more eligible checklists on 13 May, which is the Global Big Day.

The April eBirder of the Month Challenge winner will be drawn from members that submit at least 15 eligible checklists entered using eBird Mobile. I managed 24 checklists that fit the criteria for this one.

The March eBirder of the Month Challenge winner will be drawn from submitted eligible checklists that include one photo or audio file. Each eligible checklist is one entry into the challenge. I managed 9 checklists with photos (species photos indicated in list below).

01 01-MAR-17 Audubon Park: SACR, GRCA, NOMO
02 03-MAR-17 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp: BTGR
03 04-MAR-17 home: AMGO
04 07-MAR-17 Gemini Springs: GBHE, LIMP, EAPH, PAWA, YRWA, SWSP
05 11-MAR-17 Gemini Springs: BADO, NOMO
06 18-MAR-17 Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive: BWTE, GREG, WISN, BEKI
07 21-MAR-17 Lake Monroe C.A.: PUGA, SAVS, EAME
08 24-MAR-17 Gemini Springs: GRHE, GRCA, NOCA
09 25-MAR-17 Central Florida Fairgrounds: YHBL

The February eBirder of the Month Challenge winner will be drawn from submitted eligible shared checklists. I almost always go birding alone and it was the case for every outing in February so I didn’t make this one. 🙁

The January eBirder of the Month Challenge winner will be drawn from eBirders who submit at least 31 eligible checklists in January.

01 06-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
02 08-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
03 10-JAN-17 Lake Monroe Park
04 10-JAN-17 Konomac Lake
05 11-JAN-17 home
06 12-JAN-17 Seminole Towne Center Pond
07 13-JAN-17 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
08 13-JAN-17 Charing Place pond
09 14-JAN-17 home
10 15-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
11 17-JAN-17 Quail Lake
12 17-JAN-17 Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
13 17-JAN-17 home
14 18-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
15 19-JAN-17 Seminole Towne Center Pond
16 20-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
17 21-JAN-17 Audubon Park
18 21-JAN-17 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
19 21-JAN-17 Deltona Landings
20 22-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
21 22-JAN-17 DeBary Memorial Park
22 23-JAN-17 home
23 24-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
24 24-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
25 24-JAN-17 Konomac Lake
26 25-JAN-17 home
27 25-JAN-17 home
28 26-JAN-17 Seminole Towne Center Pond
29 27-JAN-17 River City Nature Park
30 29-JAN-17 Gemini Springs
31 31-JAN-17 Alexandra Park
32 31-JAN-17 Lake Gleason Park
33 31-JAN-17 Dewey Boster Park

2017 Checklist-a-Day Challenge
eBird has year-long 2017 Checklist-a-Day Challenge, a competition sponsored by Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. In truth in order to be eligible for entry you need to submit 365 complete checklists for the year; technically you do not have to submit a checklist for each day during 2017.

JANUARY 33 (+2 for year)
FEBRUARY 29 (+1; +3 for year)
MARCH 22 (-9; -4 for year)
APRIL 24 (-6; -10 for year)
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