Bird-a-Day Challenge 2020

I’m going to give the Bird-a-Day Challenge a go once more. I’ll try to find and list a new bird for each day of the year for as long as I can. I can’t reuse birds and I can’t go back and make changes. I previously did this in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019. If I can make it mid-April, we’re planning on a road trip to Texas so I might get a chance at a new personal record. My previous record is June 4th, which I reached in 2015 (at 154 days, beating my previous record by 10 days). June 4 is the date to beat but I doubt I’ll make it that far, as I’m still a bit out of birding. One month at a time.

1/11/2020 Field Sparrow Gemini Springs
1/10/2020 Yellow-throated Warbler home
1/9/2020 Painted Bunting home
1/8/2020 Green Heron Gemini Springs
1/7/2020 Black-and-white Warbler Blue Spring State Park
1/6/2020 Blue-headed Vireo Gemini Springs
1/5/2020 Ring-billed Gull Riviera Resort @ Disney
1/4/2020 Black-bellied Plover Daytona Beach
1/3/2020 Sora Gemini Springs
1/2/2020 Brown Thrasher Audubon Center for Bird of Prey
1/1/2020 American Oystercatcher Port Orange Causeway Park
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