Bird-a-Day Challenge 2011

I first heard about the Bird-a-Day Challenge from Nate at The Drinking Bird. Behind in my blog reading as usual, I didn’t read about the challenge until about a week into 2010 — too late to take the challenge that year. So here I am in 2011 taking the Bird-a-Day Challenge. According to the Bird-a-Day site, “Every day you add a new bird that you see or hear […] to your list of birds for that date. You may not repeat the same bird or skip a day. Any non-caged, non-captive, free flying bird is allowed […]!” I probably won’t make it out of January, but it’ll be fun to try!

24-JAN-11 BUST!
23-JAN-11 Tufted Titmouse Starved Rock State Park
22-JAN-11 American Tree Sparrow Northerly Island
21-JAN-11 Mourning Dove seen while driving
20-JAN-11 American Goldfinch backyard
19-JAN-11 Dark-eyed Junco backyard
18-JAN-11 Cooper’s Hawk backyard
17-JAN-11 Cedar Waxwing backyard
16-JAN-11 Red-bellied Woodpecker backyard
15-JAN-11 Red-tailed Hawk seen while driving
14-JAN-11 House Sparrow backyard
13-JAN-11 Black-capped Chickadee backyard
12-JAN-11 Downy Woodpecker backyard
11-JAN-11 American Crow seen while driving
10-JAN-11 House Finch backyard
09-JAN-11 Great Blue Heron flyover parent’s backyard
08-JAN-11 Rock Dove seen while driving
07-JAN-11 Red-breasted Nuthatch backyard
06-JAN-11 Mute Swan Fox Lake
05-JAN-11 Mallard Round Lake
04-JAN-11 White-breasted Nuthatch parent’s backyard
03-JAN-11 American Kestrel Rollins Savanna
02-JAN-11 Sharp-shinned Hawk Grant Woods
01-JAN-11 Ruddy Duck North Point Marina
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