Bird-a-Day Challenge 2012

Just for fun I’m trying the Bird-a-Day challenge again in 2012. An Audubon Magazine blogger will be taking the challenge in 2012, too, as explained in this post: Bird-A-Day Challenge Begins New Years Day 2012. I don’t have high hopes of getting very far. In fact, I’ll just be happy if I surpass my sad total of 23 birds in 2011.

24-MAY-12 BUST after 144 days
23-MAY-12 Osprey DeBary
22-MAY-12 Eastern Towhee Lyonia Preserve
21-MAY-12 Northern Cardinal Ormond Beach
20-MAY-12 Carolina Wren yard
19-MAY-12 Semipalmated Plover Trout Lake
18-MAY-12 Common Nighthawk Epcot
17-MAY-12 Rock Pigeon Seminole Co / driving
16-MAY-12 Roseate Spoonbill Gemini Springs
15-MAY-12 Northern Mockingbird DeBary
14-MAY-12 Wood Thrush Ryerson Woods
13-MAY-12 Black-capped Chickadee Barrington
12-MAY-12 Yellow-headed Blackbird Rollins Savanna
11-MAY-12 Philadelphia Vireo Prairie Wolf Slough
10-MAY-12 Black-throated Green Warbler The Grove
09-MAY-12 White-crowned Sparrow Fort Sheridan
08-MAY-12 Orchard Oriole parent’s yard
07-MAY-12 Boat-tailed Grackle Gemini Springs
06-MAY-12 Common Ground-Dove DeBary
05-MAY-12 Chuck-will’s-widow Lake Monroe C.A.
04-MAY-12 Least Sandpiper MINWR BPWD
03-MAY-12 Carolina Chickadee yard
02-MAY-12 Northern Bobwhite Gemini Springs
01-MAY-12 Muscovy Duck DeBary
30-APR-12 Cooper’s Hawk Gemini Springs
29-APR-12 Downy Woodpecker Gemini Springs
28-APR-12 Cape May Warbler Port Canaveral
27-APR-12 American Redstart Gemini Springs
26-APR-12 Magnolia Warbler Mead Botanical Garden
25-APR-12 Ring-billed Gull Epcot
24-APR-12 Common Gallinule Gemini Springs
23-APR-12 Barn Swallow Gemini Springs
22-APR-12 Red-eyed Vireo Lake Lotus Park
21-APR-12 American Oystercatcher Port Orange Causeway Park
20-APR-12 Anhinga Gemini Springs
19-APR-12 Great Crested Flycatcher Audubon Center for BOP
18-APR-12 Little Blue Heron Gemini Springs
17-APR-12 Sandwich Tern Smyrna Dunes
16-APR-12 Common Yellowthroat Gemini Springs
15-APR-12 White-winged Dove Islands of Adventure
14-APR-12 Swallow-tailed Kite Spring-to-spring Trail
13-APR-12 Snowy Egret Gemini Springs
12-APR-12 Great Egret Mead Botanical Garden
11-APR-12 Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Gemini Springs
10-APR-12 White-eyed Vireo Gemini Springs
09-APR-12 Brown Thrasher yard
08-APR-12 Bald Eagle Gemini Springs
07-APR-12 Wood Stork neighborhood
06-APR-12 Tufted Titmouse yard
05-APR-12 Chimney Swift Audubon Center for BOP
04-APR-12 Black Vulture neighborhood
03-APR-12 Northern Flicker Mead Botanical Garden
02-APR-12 Green Heron Lake Woodruff NWR
01-APR-12 Least Bittern Gemini Springs
31-MAR-12 Red-shouldered Hawk yard
30-MAR-12 Sora Gemini Springs
29-MAR-12 White Ibis Seminole Co / driving
28-MAR-12 Purple Sandpiper Lighthouse Point Park
27-MAR-12 Swamp Sparrow Gemini Springs
26-MAR-12 Double-crested Cormorant Spring-to-spring Trail
25-MAR-12 American Coot Gemini Springs
24-MAR-12 Florida Scrub Jay Lyonia Preserve
23-MAR-12 Whooping Crane Zellwood
22-MAR-12 Great Horned Owl DeBary
21-MAR-12 Purple Martin Epcot
20-MAR-12 Glossy Ibis Gemini Springs
19-MAR-12 Northern Parula Gemini Springs
18-MAR-12 Pine Warbler Lake Hutchinson
17-MAR-12 House Sparrow Orange City Walmart
16-MAR-12 Barred Owl Gemini Springs
15-MAR-12 Red-bellied Woodpecker Audubon Center for BOP
14-MAR-12 Brown-headed Nuthatch Lake Woodruff NWR
13-MAR-12 American Crow yard
12-MAR-12 Blue-winged Teal Gemini Springs
11-MAR-12 Mourning Dove yard
10-MAR-12 Northern Shoveler Merritt Island NWR
09-MAR-12 Marsh Wren Gemini Springs
08-MAR-12 House Finch Audubon Center for BOP
07-MAR-12 Savannah Sparrow Gemini Springs
06-MAR-12 Black-necked Stilt Gemini Springs
05-MAR-12 Turkey Vulture neighborhood
04-MAR-12 Sandhill Crane yard
03-MAR-12 Tricolored Heron Gemini Springs
02-MAR-12 Pied-billed Grebe Gemini Springs
01-MAR-12 Fish Crow Audubon Center for BOP
29-FEB-12 Hooded Merganser Magic Kingdom
28-FEB-12 Blue Jay yard
27-FEB-12 Long-tailed Duck C. Campbell Causeway
26-FEB-12 Green-tailed Towhee Possum Branch Preserve
25-FEB-12 Wilson’s Snipe Lake Woodruff NWR
24-FEB-12 Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Gemini Springs
23-FEB-12 Belted Kingfisher Audubon Center for BOP
22-FEB-12 Great Blue Heron Lake Monroe Park
21-FEB-12 Ruby-crowned Kinglet Gemini Springs
20-FEB-12 Brewer’s Blackbird Lake Winona Road
19-FEB-12 Brown-headed Cowbird yard
18-FEB-12 Tree Swallow Gemini Springs
17-FEB-12 Loggerhead Shrike OCCC
16-FEB-12 Black Skimmer Merritt Island NWR
15-FEB-12 Western Tanager yard
14-FEB-12 Mallard Epcot
13-FEB-12 American Goldfinch yard
12-FEB-12 Wild Turkey Lake Winona Road
11-FEB-12 Chipping Sparrow yard
10-FEB-12 Yellow-rumped Warbler yard
09-FEB-12 Wood Duck Audubon Center for BOP
08-FEB-12 Eurasian Collared-Dove Disney’s Animal Kingdom
07-FEB-12 Green-winged Teal Gemini Springs
06-FEB-12 Red-winged Blackbird yard
05-FEB-12 Red Phalarope Mayport pelagic
04-FEB-12 Killdeer Gemini Springs
03-FEB-12 Ruby-throated Hummingbird yard
02-FEB-12 Northern Harrier Gemini Springs
01-FEB-12 Bufflehead Kennedy Space Center
31-JAN-12 Palm Warbler yard
30-JAN-12 Eastern Phoebe Spring-to-spring Trail
29-JAN-12 Painted Bunting Merritt Island NWR
28-JAN-12 Eurasian Wigeon Merritt Island NWR
27-JAN-12 Common Grackle yard
26-JAN-12 California Gull Frank Rendon Park
25-JAN-12 Black Rail St. Johns NWR
24-JAN-12 American Robin yard
23-JAN-12 American Kestrel Enterprise
22-JAN-12 Cedar Waxwing yard
21-JAN-12 Blue-headed Vireo Gemini Springs
20-JAN-12 Baltimore Oriole yard
19-JAN-12 Sedge Wren Lake Woodruff NWR
18-JAN-12 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Gemini Springs
17-JAN-12 American Bittern Gemini Springs
16-JAN-12 Orange-crowned Warbler Gemini Springs
15-JAN-12 Caspian Tern Spring-to-spring Trail
14-JAN-12 European Starling yard
13-JAN-12 Prairie Warbler Boster Park
12-JAN-12 Eastern Bluebird Spring-to-spring Trail
11-JAN-12 Pileated Woodpecker yard
10-JAN-12 Song Sparrow Gemini Springs
09-JAN-12 Red-tailed Hawk Spring-to-spring Trail
08-JAN-12 Limpkin Lake Monroe Park
07-JAN-12 Ruddy Turnstone New Smyrna Beach
06-JAN-12 Cattle Egret Gemini Springs
05-JAN-12 Gray Catbird Spring-to-spring Trail
04-JAN-12 Black-and-white Warbler yard
03-JAN-12 House Wren yard
02-JAN-12 Forster’s Tern Gemini Springs
01-JAN-12 Northern Gannet Port Orange beach
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