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French Migrants Not Leaving

Like the Netherlands, France has recorded record high temperatures this fall, and the migratory birds that normally only spend the summer months in the country are still there in mid-December.

This autumn was the warmest in France since 1950, with temperatures almost 3 degrees Celsius higher than normal. For example, warblers have been seen all over the country, although they normally head for Africa in August or September.

Read the full article Birds bask in warmest French autumn since 1950.

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France: Record Consumption Of Foie Gras

Last year, the French consumed a record amount of foie gras, despite concerns around bird flu. Goose liver consumption was up 2.7% from 2004 to 2005.

The French parliament declared goose liver products to be part of the cultural heritage of France, and thus were given special, protected status. This occurred at a time when more countries across the globe are taking steps towards eliminating foie gras production.

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Source: Fransen eten recordhoeveelheid ganzenlever

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