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Domino Sparrow Killer Fined

The Dutch government has fined the killer of the Domino-Day sparrow EUR 200. According to Dutch law, the shooter violated the “Flora and Fauna” Act because the bird was a protected species.

Meanwhile, news agency NOS today reported that the body of the sparrow will be displayed in the Nature Museum in Rotterdam. A source from the museum said, “It is an animal with a story and therefore our museum gladly takes (the sparrow).” The bird will be part of an exhibit on sparrows which will go on display at the end of 2006.

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Sparrow Shot Dead To Save Dominoes

Here in the Netherlands, the murder of a sparrow is causing a bit of an uproar. On Friday, 18 November, a group of domino-maniacs, sponsored by the entertainment giant Endemol, will try to break their own record for toppling dominoes. They have taken domino-felling to an extreme level: a maze of over four million dominoes has been set up in an expo center in Leeuwarden. Five days before the big event, an innocent creature threatened to topple the record prematurely: a common house sparrow (huismus in Dutch). The sparrow was spotted by the domino-setters (an international group of over 100 which has spent the last month at the tedious task) as a very real threat. Attempting to capture the sparrow caused the bird to panic, and it ended up knocking over 23,000 dominoes in the melee. As humane capture methods proved unsuccessful, the sparrow was shot to death. Animal rights groups are threatening legal action, as the bird was a protected species. Public outcry (in the form of letters to the editors of two local newspapers) has been great. One writer wondered what would have happened if an unsupervised child happened into the expo center.

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