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Foto Friday: Rochester Falconcam

This week’s photo was captured back in April. Kaver, the male of the pair of Peregrines at the Rochester Falconcam, relieves his mate Mariah during brooding. There were five eggs and in this picture it looks like that’s one too many for Kaver to cover.

0410-155802 edit
0410-155802 edit by StarWatcher307, Creative Commons on Flickr

The Falconcam is not streaming; the images are refreshed every few moments and viewers can download the images at any time to capture a certain moment. There are five cameras pointed at the scrape Mariah and Kaver use as their nestbox. Today the Falconcam announced on their blog that there will be major construction around the nestbox starting in July so Mariah and Kaver will have to relocate next season. Read about it at Imprints. You can support the Falconcam by purchasing official gear from their CafePress shop, The Scrape. Birdorable also supports the Falconcam with cute Birdorable versions of Mariah and Kaver on t-shirts, gifts and other apparel.

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