Raptor Internship Week 11

My Raptor Internship at Flint Creek Wildlife Rehabilitation is winding down. Since this week was the first session since the initial class that I didn’t take any photographs, this will be a very brief summary of the day. The lecture for this week focused on rehabilitation and medical issues. We also spent some time reviewing previous material in preparation for the final exam next week. (eek!)

In the afternoon we had the usual cleaning duty and handling experience. I took Meepy out of her mew. I heard her vocalize for the first time and I suddenly understood the meaning of her name. She meeped at me! She actually seemed a bit out of sorts and it took me a few tries to get her on the glove. After a walk on the FCWR grounds I put her into the weathering yard and my fellow classmates then all took turns practicing equipment removal and assembly with Meepy. Part of our exam next week will be practical so I think we were all happy to have the extra bit of practice. Until then I’ll be studying my notes!

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