2 new yardies

We’ve seen European Starlings in the trees around our house almost since we moved in, but I didn’t really want to count them as a yard bird until I had a photo. I didn’t think that would be too hard, but how wrong I was. Last week was the first time we spotted one on our feeders. I’ve always known Starlings to be bold and gregarious, but the ones in our neighborhood seem to be skittish and wary. This Starling visited our feeders very early one morning when it was still nearly dark out. The photo was taken by our birding robot, the Wingscapes Birdcam. I had to brighten up the image a lot so you could tell what kind of bird it is – yard bird #14, the exotic, endangered European Starling! 😉

European Starling

The Birdcam found yard bird #15, too. It would be several days before we saw this one for ourselves – the American Tree Sparrow.

American Tree Sparrow

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