2015 Green Birding List

This is a list of birds I saw in 2015 without using motorized support for travel. With the 2014 expansion of the East Regional Rail Trail, I’ve got more birding spots within biking distance of my home. I’m excited that the bridge over SR 415 should be completed in early 2015. This and the Spring-to-Spring Trail are part of the mega Coast to Coast Connector trail which will eventually link St. Petersburg on the west coast of Florida to Titusville on the east coast. In previous years I called this list my BIGBY tally. The term BIGBY was first coined to describe a fossil-free big year (BIg Green Big Year). My previous records are 88 birds in 2011; 115 birds in 2012; 121 birds in 2013; and 142 birds in 2014. I’ll try for 160 in 2015.

141. Northern Waterthrush 19-Oct-15 Gemini Springs
140. Magnolia Warbler 08-Oct-15 Audubon Park
139. Blackburnian Warbler 04-Oct-15 Audubon Park
138. Eastern Wood-Pewee 16-Sep-15 Gemini Springs
137. Common Nighthawk 14-Sep-15 Gemini Springs
136. Northern Rough-winged Swallow 19-Aug-15 Gemini Springs
135. King Rail 19-Aug-15 Gemini Springs
134. Hooded Warbler 16-Aug-15 Audubon Park
133. Eastern Kingbird 15-Aug-15 Gemini Springs
132. Yellow Warbler 09-Aug-15 home
131. Louisiana Waterthrush 19-Jul-15 Audubon Park
130. Yellow-crowned Night-Heron 29-Jun-15 Audubon Park
129. Least Bittern 28-Jun-15 Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
128. Blue Grosbeak 15-Jun-15 Lake Monroe C.A. Brickyard Slough
127. Bachman’s Sparrow 15-Jun-15 Lake Monroe C.A. Brickyard Slough
126. Barn Swallow 07-Jun-15 Fort Florida Rd
125. Bobolink 03-May-15 Gemini Springs
124. Worm-eating Warbler 21-Apr-15 Gemini Springs
123. Black-throated Blue Warbler 21-Apr-15 Gemini Springs
122. Least Tern 21-Apr-15 Gemini Springs
121. Solitary Sandpiper 20-Apr-15 Gemini Springs
120. American Redstart 17-Apr-15 Audubon Park
119. Yellow-billed Cuckoo 17-Apr-15 Audubon Park
118. Red-headed Woodpecker 13-Apr-15 Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
117. Florida Scrub-Jay 13-Apr-15 Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
116. Northern Bobwhite 13-Apr-15 Quail Lakes Powerline Trails
115. Chimney Swift 13-Apr-15 Spring-to-spring Trail
114. Black-necked Stilt 07-Apr-15 Gemini Springs
113. Prothonotary Warbler 06-Apr-15 home
112. Red-eyed Vireo 31-Mar-15 Gemini Springs
111. Great Crested Flycatcher 29-Mar-15 Gemini Springs
110. Purple Martin 07-Mar-15 Gemini Springs
109. Black-crowned Night-Heron 29-Mar-15 Gemini Springs
108. Brown-headed Cowbird 25-Mar-15 home
107. Indigo Bunting 17-Mar-15 home
106. Common Ground-Dove 09-Mar-15 River City Nature Park
105. Black-bellied Whistling-Duck 09-Mar-15 Gemini Springs
104. White-winged Dove 07-Mar-15 Dewey Boster Park
103. European Starling 07-Mar-15 Dewey Boster Park
102. Swallow-tailed Kite 07-Mar-15 DeBary
101. Marsh Wren 02-Mar-15 Gemini Springs
100. Rock Pigeon 02-Mar-15 Lake Monroe Park
99. Eastern Towhee 20-Feb-15 Audubon Park
98. Merlin 16-Feb-15 Gemini Springs
97. Lesser Scaup 09-Feb-15 Gemini Springs
96. Field Sparrow 09-Feb-15 Gemini Springs
95. Caspian Tern 09-Feb-15 Gemini Springs
94. Sharp-shinned Hawk 09-Feb-15 Gemini Springs
93. Spotted Sandpiper 07-Feb-15 Konomac Lake
92. Greater Yellowlegs 07-Feb-15 Konomac Lake
91. Ovenbird 01-Feb-15 Gemini Springs
90. Cooper’s Hawk 30-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
89. Northern Parula 24-Jan-15 Audubon Park
88. Laughing Gull 24-Jan-15 Audubon Park
87. Wood Duck 24-Jan-15 Audubon Park
86. Brown Thrasher 23-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
85. Northern Harrier 18-Jan-15 Rob Sullivan Park
84. Carolina Chickadee 18-Jan-15 Fort Florida Road
83. Painted Bunting 18-Jan-15 home
82. Muscovy Duck 16-Jan-15 Deltona Landings
81. Mallard (domestic type) 16-Jan-15 Deltona Landings
80. House Sparrow 16-Jan-15 Deltona Landings
79. Pine Warbler 16-Jan-15 Audubon Park
78. Wilson’s Snipe 16-Jan-15 Audubon Park
77. Hooded Merganser 16-Jan-15 Audubon Park
76. Green-winged Teal 16-Jan-15 Audubon Park
75. Eastern Bluebird 16-Jan-15 Audubon Park
74. Hermit Thrush 14-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
73. Limpkin 14-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
72. Wild Turkey 13-Jan-15 home
71. Common Yellowthroat 12-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
70. Savannah Sparrow 11-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
69. Prairie Warbler 11-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
68. Yellow-throated Warbler 11-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
67. Loggerhead Shrike 11-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
66. Killdeer 11-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
65. Wood Stork 11-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
64. Baltimore Oriole 9-Jan-15 home
63. Forster’s Tern 9-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
62. Cedar Waxwing 7-Jan-15 home
61. Ring-billed Gull 6-Jan-15 Lake Monroe Park
60. Snowy Egret 6-Jan-15 Lake Monroe Park
59. Sandhill Crane 6-Jan-15 home
58. Ruby-throated Hummingbird 5-Jan-15 home
57. Black Vulture 4-Jan-15 Lake Monroe Park
56. Northern Flicker 4-Jan-15 home
55. Chipping Sparrow 4-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
54. Osprey 4-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
53. Pied-billed Grebe 4-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
52. Red-bellied Woodpecker 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
51. Pileated Woodpecker 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
50. Black-and-white Warbler 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
49. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
48. White-eyed Vireo 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
47. Blue-headed Vireo 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
46. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
45. Downy Woodpecker 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
44. Yellow-rumped Warbler 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
43. Tufted Titmouse 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
42. Fish Crow 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
41. Red-tailed Hawk 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
40. American Kestrel 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
39. Northern Mockingbird 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
38. Orange-crowned Warbler 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
37. Northern Cardinal 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
36. Swamp Sparrow 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
35. House Wren 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
34. Carolina Wren 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
33. American Crow 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
32. Great Blue Heron 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
31. Great Egret 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
30. American Bittern 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
29. American Robin 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
28. Sora 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
27. Common Grackle 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
26. Red-winged Blackbird 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
25. American Goldfinch 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
24. Cattle Egret 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
23. Glossy Ibis 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
22. Double-crested Cormorant 2-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
21. Barred Owl 1-Jan-15 home
20. Blue Jay 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
19. Palm Warbler 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
18. Tricolored Heron 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
17. Little Blue Heron 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
16. Green Heron 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
15. Turkey Vulture 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
14. Anhinga 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
13. Blue-winged Teal 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
12. Bald Eagle 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
11. Belted Kingfisher 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
10. Eastern Phoebe 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
9. Blue-gray Gnatcatcher 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
8. Red-shouldered Hawk 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
7. White Ibis 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
6. Boat-tailed Grackle 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
5. Common Gallinule 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
4. American Coot 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
3. Gray Catbird 1-Jan-15 Gemini Springs
2. Tree Swallow 1-Jan-15 home
1. Mourning Dove 1-Jan-15 home
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