Another freaky Northern Cardinal

Last month a gynandromorph (half-male/half-female) Northern Cardinal spotted at a feeder in northwestern Illinois made the news. Today’s Columbia Daily Tribune has a report of a white-headed female Cardinal feeding at an Ohio back yard feeder for several years running. I’ve never seen anything like this, either, but apparently this type of coloration is not so uncommon. The below image is from a photographer in Virginia.

White-headed Female Cardinal #2 Mar 30

And this feeder visitor is a Flickr find.

White Cardinal (4)
White Cardinal (4) by Lee Coursey, Creative Commons on Flickr

Have you ever seen a white Cardinal or another bird with unusual coloration?

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3 Responses to Another freaky Northern Cardinal

  1. Roger Boyd says:

    Spotted a gynandromorph (whiteheaded cardinal) on one of our backyard feeders this morning March 28, 2010 in Jacksonville, Al. Hope she/he stays for awhile.

  2. Over the winter in NC, I had a few cowbirds in my yard; however, NOW they have taken over everything. My Finch, Chickadees, Cardinals, Towhee’s… you name it can’t eat nor live in peace. They took over the birdbath and just look at me when I yell at them. I’ve read that these monsters take others nest and force the mothers to raise their young. I have at least 25 or more sparrow who next in my yellow jasmine. How do I rid my yard of these pests?

  3. Cheri Boardman says:

    We have one visiting one this morning. She arrived with several pairs of cardinals.

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