Bird Beer Labels in Wine Country

We’re in Bourgueil, France, which is a village in the Loire Valley known for fine red wines. But when we were out shopping today we picked up two brands of beer we couldn’t resist.

First we found Britt, from a brewer in Brittany, featuring an iconic bird of the region on the label, the Atlantic Puffin. There is even a puffin on the cap!

Britt Beer Pack

Britt Beer Label

Britt Beer Caps

Britt Beer Bottles

We also found La Becasse, which is actually a Belgian kriek (cherry beer), with a Eurasian Woodcock on the label. La Becasse is the French name for Eurasian Woodcock.

La Becasse Beer Pack

La Becasse Beer Closeup

La Becasse Caps

La Becasse Beer Bottles

We haven’t tried them yet (we’re drinking wine, duh!)

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