Birding brings back yard birds

We went out for a walk where we didn’t see too much and couldn’t take any decent photos, but when we came home we found two new yard birds, yippee!

We went to Rollins Savanna Forest Preserve this morning. There were Red-winged Blackbirds everywhere. A sure sign of spring! We also saw some Hooded Mergansers and Redheads on the water. And we spotted this lone white-tailed deer:

It has warmed up significantly since our last outing (about 20 degrees!), but the wind was still howling and the sky was overcast during our time at the savanna, so it was very bad for photos.

When we got home we were rewarded with not one but two new yard birds! A pair of House Finches visited one of the feeders. And later, a pair of Mourning Doves checked out our makeshift ground feeder.

House Finches

House Finches

Mourning Doves

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