BPW: American Goldfinch

I grew up around here but for some reason I can’t remember seeing American Goldfinches in our back yard as a kid. As I became more interested in birds over the last few years, my visits home would only be in the very early spring or, more often, at Christmastime. (Meanwhile I got to know the local European Goldfinches in Leiden). So in my memory I’ve only seen male American Goldfinches in their winter garb. I am really wowed by the bright, beautiful yellow color they transform into for the summer and I’ve enjoyed watching them during the transformation – they can look kind of funky when they’ve got a half-drab half-bright thing going on. Last week we took a walk at Rollins Savanna, the closest Lake County Forest Preserve to our house, and saw our first totally ready American Goldfinch. What a beauty!

First a look to one side.
American Goldfinch

Then a good fluffing.
American Goldfinch Fluff-up

And a look to the other side.
American Goldfinch

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5 Responses to BPW: American Goldfinch

  1. bob k says:

    You captured the beauty of the American Goldfinch wonderfully!

  2. Mick says:

    Lovely photos. I like the blue sky background.

  3. Larry Jordan says:

    Great captures of the beautiful American Goldfinch Amy! What a gorgeous bird, all ready for Spring.

  4. Neil says:

    A very beautiful bird nice photos.

  5. Flu-Bird says:

    AMERICAN GOLDFINCH,WILD CANARIES magnificent to see and they love thisle seed

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