BPW: Bobolinks

When we visited Rollins Savanna on Sunday, one of the first birds we saw was a Bobolink.


He was kind of far away but we got good looks at this new life bird.


We soon realized the place was actually full of them – there were Bobolinks everywhere!



We saw them in the meadow, flying over, even enjoying some dandelions along the path.


Females were there too, but they were a bit more shy. We saw males vying for their attention.



I love this bird’s song. We could hear the males singing almost everywhere we walked. The computer-like sound really reminded me of the call Northern Lapwings make when courting. The sound is very different but also sounds like a 1980’s computer sound effect.

For more bird photos from all over the world, have a look at this week’s other Bird Photography Weekly submissions.

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6 Responses to BPW: Bobolinks

  1. kelly says:

    …great series of photos of the Bobolink, and your video is awesome. They have the most beautiful song, and you’ve recorded it so nicely!!

  2. Mick says:

    A great series of photos and the video makes it just perfect! Lovely to hear the song.

  3. Arija says:

    So many wonderful shots of both sexes as well as their beautiful song.

  4. bob k says:

    Congratulations on your lifer! And you got an awesome video and great pictures
    of them even!

  5. gwendolen says:

    Love the photos ánd the audio link, very cool.

    Just having a hard time to believe someone once named a bird a Bobolink …

  6. Larry Jordan says:

    Great captures of the male and female Bobolink Amy! Their call does remind me a bit of R2D2 but it also reminds me of Red-winged Blackbirds. It would also be a lifer for me!

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