Camera Placed By Dutch White-tailed Eagle Nest

Forest managers have placed a small camera by the White-tailed Eagle nest in the Oostvaardersplassen in Flevoland. The birds’ successful nest last year amazed park rangers and was great news for birdwatchers in the Netherlands.

The Oostvaardersplassen received a lot of visitors intent on seeing the birds. However, park rangers kept the location of the nest secret, to avoid disturbing the birds. Rangers themselves stayed clear of the nest and only learned several weeks after hatching that one chick survived to fledge.

Rangers placed a remote camera in the tree by the nest. Eagle pairs are known to use the same nest over many years but do not use the nest over the winter months, so the camera was placed without disturbing the birds. Images from the camera will be viewable from the visitor center at Oostvaardersplassen and via the internet.

Already the eagle pair has been seen making repairs and improvements to the nest. Last spring the couple, a young female and older male, raised one chick to adulthood. Remarkable was the fact that it was the female’s first nest. First nests rarely produce a successful offspring.

Source: Camera op zeearendnest

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