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Pigeons As Bomb Guidance Systems?

During World War II, the U.S. Air Force developed a new type of bomb – a glide bomb. Instead of falling straight on a target, it would instead float at an angle towards its target, guided by a variety of tools. Behaviorist Burrhus Frederic Skinner thought of a brilliant new way to guide these missiles during World War II using pigeons.
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Non-Migratory Swans Hit Hard By Bird Flu, Cold Snap To Blame?

Swans have been hard hit by the deadly H5N1 virus in Europe; new individuals are found dead each day and the list of countries where they are found is growing. The mute swan, one of three species of swan found in Europe, has been the hardest hit by the disease, though they do not migrate. They are known to fly up to 180 miles to flee cold temperatures, which may explain the large number of mute swans who have been killed by the virus. Scientists are studying the spread of the virus and investigating the role played by swans. Read the story Swans useful pointers to spread of bird flu, experts say.

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Bird Ban Bad For Swiss Swan Sex

“Swiss swans have just one more weekend to have a fling before a government ban on keeping birds in the open air comes into effect on Monday. Forcing the birds to stay indoors will disrupt their behavior just as they are getting ready for reproductive action in the mating season which is about to start.” Read the story Bird flu fears will ruin swans’ sex lives, Swiss zoo warns in the Daily Times.

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Bird Plunges Into Pool; Swimmers Evacuated

“Hundreds of panicked swimmers were evacuated from a Hong Kong swimming pool when a bird flew into the water, a news report said (Sunday). The incident at the indoor pool in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai district Saturday was an indication of the level of fear over avian flu in the city of 6.8 million.” Read the story Swimmers in flight as bird hits water in HK in Gulf Times.

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