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John James Audubon’s Birds of North America

An original copy of one of the world’s most valuable books, John James Audubon’s Birds of North America, is on display at the oldest museum of the Netherlands. The exhibit Vogels van Formaat runs at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem until 20 January 2008.

The proprietor of the museum at the time the book was published in the early 1800’s purchased one of the original Double Elephant Havell Editions of the book. Read Arthur’s account of our visit to the exhibit.

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Black Grouse Released In Gelderland

The Black Grouse used to be a common sighting in the Dutch Veluwe natural area, but the bird has virtually died out there. The bird is only seen now in the Sallandse Heuvelrug, but there is a plan to reintroduce the bird to Gelderland.

Thirty Black Grouse (25 females and 5 males) were released in Gelderland earlier this month. The bird has declined in the Netherlands due to loss of heathland habitat.

Source: Korhoenders vanaf vrijdag in vrijheid

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Dutch Bird Fair Draws Thousands

The Dutch Bird Fair, which took place over the last weekend of August, attracted 9,000 visitors. The festival raised over 23,000 euros for a project to protect the Red Ibis of Surinam.

Festival visitors were treated with very good sightings of the local resident White-tailed Eagle on both days. On Saturday an Osprey was also spotted in the area, providing another treat for the attendees.

Source: Vogelfestival trekt duizenden bezoekers

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The Goose Whisperer Of Delft

A wildlife management specialist in the Netherlands has a unique way of dealing with nuisance geese in the Hof van Delft park – he talks to them.

Martin Hof relocates geese from city centers and educates the public on issues related to the waterfowl. He has an remarkable rapport with the birds and can be seen whistling and whispering to the geese on their level while keeping their numbers to a manageable level.

Read more about the Goose Whisperer of Delft.

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UK Turtle Doves In Trouble

A recent report reveals that Turtle Dove numbers are down 61% in the UK in the past 12 years. The bird has effectively disappeared from the north and southwest of England.

The Turtle Dove is a migratory visitor to the UK. The number of breeding pairs spending the summer in the British Isles is steadily decreasing. A number of factors have been cited, including illegal hunting along the migratory route and changes in UK agricultural practices affecting food supplies.

Read more about the missing Turtle Doves.

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