Confiding Ruddy Turnstone

Birding and blogging have taken a back seat for a couple of weeks as Arthur and I host his family here in central Florida. We are having a blast visiting all the touristy places as well as showing off the natural beauty of our neighborhood and county. Visiting Daytona Beach last week, we watched Brown Pelicans and Laughing Gulls soaring over the ocean. A few Sanderlings scooted about at the shoreline, along with one bold Ruddy Turnstone.

Ruddy Turnstone

Ruddy Turnstone

Ruddy Turnstones are relatively cosmopolitan, breeding across northern Europe, Russia, Canada, and Alaska. They winter along coastal South America and Africa, as well as parts of Australasia. In Florida, this species may occur all year, though birds that remain during the summer aren’t breeders.

Ruddy Turnstone

Ruddy Turnstone

eBird tells me I first recorded Ruddy Turnstone on my life list in January 2007 in the Gambia. We often saw this species along the North Sea in the Netherlands, especially when we went birding at Zuidpier in IJmuiden.

Ruddy Turnstone

We haven’t birded the coast very often in Florida since we moved here, and indeed this was the first Ruddy Turnstone I’ve seen since our scouting visit back in April.

Ruddy Turnstone

I’ve submitted this post to this week’s Bird Photography Weekly. BPW is a regular collection of user-submitted bird photos from all over the world. The new edition comes out every Sunday. Go have a look at this week’s submissions!

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3 Responses to Confiding Ruddy Turnstone

  1. Mick says:

    Beautiful photos of the Ruddy Turnstone with great plumage details. These birds also visit our area during our summer (northern winter) but I don’t find them easy to get close to.
    Thanks for visiting my blog and you were right about the breeding season for the Egrets. It happens very soon. I watched some Pied Oystercatchers mating the other day so they will be nesting soon too. It’s a ‘topsy-turvey’ world when you try to work out seasons for birds on the opposite sides of the globe!

  2. Dawn Fine says:

    Great shots of the Turnstone!

  3. Andy says:

    I’ve only been to Florida a few times and what I’ve seen, lots of birds!

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