Funny Google auto-complete suggestions

When using Google to search the internet, suggested phrases appear after you type in a few letters if you have the auto-complete functionality turned on. It’s a great tool to see what are the top searched phrases that start with words you’re researching.

I had some fun with this tonight by searching for bird-related phrases. When I typed birds are in the search box, two of the top phrases that came up were birds are endotherms or warm-blooded animals. hypothesize how this can be an advantage for the birds and birds are spies they report to the trees. That last one is one of the coolest band names I’ve ever heard of.


Typing birds with led me to birds with funny names which led me to some interesting lists.

Here are a couple of other searches I tried:

where do birdsgo when it rains | go during a hurricane

what are birdswe just don’t know | afraid of

why don’t birdsget shocked on power lines | freeze in the winter | have teeth

Have you found any funny or interesting suggestions when using Google?

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4 Responses to Funny Google auto-complete suggestions

  1. Nutz says:

    I’ve found some funny ones of my own. Check these out:

  2. Wayne says:

    Just found a great one:
    why do i________
    gives the following suggestions:

    why do I fart so much
    why do I have so much discharge
    why do indians smell
    why do I have no friends
    why do I sweat so much
    why do I feel tired all the time
    why do I have green poop
    why do I owe taxes this year
    why do I love you
    why do I sleep so much

    I think the fourth one is answered by most of the rest of them….

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