It all started with a House Sparrow

We’ve been getting Juncos and House Finches to our feeders every day. A pair of Chickadees comes by every couple of days (that we’ve seen) and so does our squirrel. That’s right, we get one squirrel here every couple of days. When’s the last time you had just one squirrel coming around?!

Anyway, this morning we actually counted three pairs of House Finches. I love the bright males. Plus these guys seem to be the only ones that understand the feeders. Unfortunately I didn’t get the camera in time to catch all of them, but it would have been a lousy photo anyway – we really need to clean the windows. Later on, we had our sixth back yard bird species visit – the omnipresent House Sparrow. Another species I won’t have to miss from Europe (like the Starling – love ’em! 😉 )

House Sparrow

Backyard House Sparrow

To make up for those, here are some great shots of House Sparrows I found on Flickr:

Aerial Ballet / Ballet Aérien

The Sparrow Family

Precariously Perched Male House Sparrow

Moineau domestique / House Sparrow

This reminds me that this blog got started because of a House Sparrow. Arthur and I had just started our own personal blog and I was writing a lot about the House Sparrow who was killed for dominoes. I was finding other interesting bird stories in the news so we decided I should have my own bird blog, and so was born.

Last thing: our neighbors seem to have a problem keeping their dogs in their yard. Twice this week we’ve had a big scary brown monster in our yard (that’s our cat’s opinion, anyway). So in addition to the birds and the squirrel, we need to add Chow Chow to our yard list. 🙂



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